How we validated an MVP for an insurance startup

We used Facebook ads to verify that the startup will be in demand in Vietnam

Case study

EzChoice in an online aggregator that help to compare and buy
insurance products in one place.

Main products:
  • Health insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Car liability insurance
  • Validate an MVP
  • Get feedback from real users
  • Analyse customer behavior
  • Calculate unit econimocs
Advertising channel:
Facebook ads
Preparing to launch ads
Product Research
Before launching the ads, it was important to take a deep dive into the product, the needs of the target audience and how the product differs from the competitors
Setting up analytics
It was important to set up the Facebook Pixel to optimize on conversions, not clicks, and set up the Conversions API. Then we set up Google Analytics to track the customer journey and find out where we lose potential customers
Creating ad creatives
We conducted a competitor study to see what creatives are popular in Vietnam and created a set of banners
Setting up Facebook Ads campaigns
Because we did not know which type of insurance will bring the most profit and which audience will accept our product better, we tested different types of insurances and measured unit economy in each area separately
Creative Examples
These banners were prepared by our designer, and we will be happy to help you with the design if needed
Verified MVP
Founders were convinced that the product would be in demand in Vietnam
Got feedback from
real users
Measured the user journey, figured out what they like and what we should improve
Calculated the unit economics
Realized that advertising costs in Facebook ads can pay off when a full product is released
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