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Equal talents, unequal opportunities

The world is suffering from inequality and wasted potential. Many innovative ideas were not born because of the lack of affordable alternatives to software development. The ecosystems to fund and support startups are badly underdeveloped and sometimes even hostile. There are nearly impenetrable geographic and demographic barriers to startup opportunities. Luckily, now’s a perfect time to make some improvements.That’s why we’re starting MVPBooster ventures, to make the next generation of products in a new way.

We’re seeing a fundamentally simpler and more powerful way for people to interact with technology. We want the best people making the best products, no matter who or where they are. We want to attract to MVPBooster people who are in love with the problem they’re trying to solve, who know more about it than anyone else in the world, and who want to maximize the chances of realizing their vision.

What are we doing

We’re passionate about launching startups, just as you are, so if we get in love with your product idea and you’re open to accept a technical savvy partner to walk the walk, then you’re probably interested in co-building with us.

We invest up to 70% of total technology development cost for building your first prototype or product.

Our investment goes in exchange of equity shares, and we like to join early stage ventures.

We will find you the right team, take superb care of them, and handle the details so you can focus on building great products.


We help companies tackle the developer shortage by building them remote tech teams.

We fund Startups from our Seed Fund. If you have a great idea that has impact we would love to hear about it. We have over 20,000 hours in development capacity to invest in the greatest ideas.

Typically we get on board early with a minority share. We are hands-on investors in your Startup.

You will still be in full control of your Startup, but we will support you as a technical co-founder. This will ensure excellent execution of your digital innovation, the most critical asset for your success.

When a product or service starts to become successful, we raise a seed investment and spin it off into a separate company – and then it grows like a regular startup.

You want to build a digital innovation as a company or Startup?
Then you better make sure you have the required technical execution power.


We work on multiple ideas and products in parallel – each of them lead by a dedicated startup CEO, supported by our core team.
Work with us to assess the technical feasibility of your product idea and the viability of business model.
Hire us to build your MVP, grow your user base or evaluate if your product is ready to dazzle potential investors.

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